The Secret Cup Announces Its Top 15 Winners

The “Kumai” (that’s Bloodsport for those somehow uninitiated) of the 710 movement, The Secret Cup, announced its winners earlier this week. These noble winners are the concentrates that pack the biggest knockout punch–and are arguably the best extracts this side of the Atlantic Ocean:

1st Place — The Guru (FOB Extractions) 7.259 — Advances to Finals
2nd Place — Chalice Errl 7.026 — Advances to Finals
3rd Place — West Coast Cure 6.987 — Advances to Finals (the best I smoked)
4th Place — Whiskey Pete 6.63 — Best Budder
5th Place — BHomb Concentrates 6.619 — 2nd Place Best Budder
6th Place — Kushchief Errls 6.54
7th Place — Flower of Life Concentrates 6.506
8th Place — Cganics 6.423 — 3nd Place Best Budder
9th Place — Phillips Rx 6.268 — Honorable Mention Best Budder
10th Place — Brutal Bee 6.09
11th Place — Waxy Willy 5.987
12th Place — Oil Monger 5.92
13th Place — Juice man 5.987
14th Place — First Class Extracts 5.827
15th Place — KHash 5.821

If you missed out on the event, fear not, as many similar 710 events are forthcoming. And if you didn’t enter an extract–or didn’t make the top 15–well, start honing your skills for the next one!

More photos and coverage to come courtesy of WeedMaps and WeedMaps.TV. Stay tuned. 

Lost Wax, Loud Music And The Hopes Of A Better Tomorrow

?? “You’re gonna fly high, You’re never gonna die, you’re gonna make it if you try;

they’re gonna love you” ?? – Pink Floyd “Have A Cigar”

 Loud music always helps me clean…

Spring is almost here; this means different things to different people. Some will be busying themselves, getting ready for a productive and successful germination and transplantation of their 2013 crop. Others will be getting their plans solidified for the first ever “Recreational” High Times Cannabis Cup — held in Denver Colorado. As for me, I’m cleaning my desk… wondering where the hell I left my last two grams of killer OG wax?

Oh well…fortunately for me, I’m taking off tomorrow and heading back to CA . As it turns out, traveling with meds is a line I’m not willing to cross; too many “” and “WeedMaps” stickers on my laptop to make for a smooth glide… through the always curious and press hungry TSA check points.

Nothing good can come from these types of interactions…and I know it. Instead, I’ll wait till I get off at LAX, pull out my iPhone, fire up my WeedMaps App…which will then help direct me to the nearest collectives that carry the strains I love. I’ll read a few reviews, just to make sure everything looks legit. Then away I go.

As the winter snows of 2013 begin melting in Colorado, heated by the multitudes of Vector torches glowing red hot, this high powered THC delivery method just seems to be getting better tasting and more popular all of the time. There was a period, not too long ago. Where I didn’t care for wax. The first dab I took, blew my sh!t up. But it was my fault… I guess.  I made a classic rookie mistake and stepped up with 25 + years of pot smoking bravado. Hitting the Oil rig like a marijuana bong…was a very painful faux pax! Since then, I have learned many things about the health benefits associated with vaporizing marijuana concentrates (Dabbing), and baring any unforeseen events, don’t intend on hitting flower any time in the near future.

Since I can’t find my stash… I might as well sit and watch Gil get high.


A sound heart is the life of the flesh: but envy the rottenness of the bones. – Proverbs 14:30

Marijuana Patients… The Time Is Now To Concentrate On Your Future

Terpenes – Cannabinoids – Trichomes -

 …a new school world of butane honey oil extraction


Not often, but every once in a ‘blue moon’ – we see mankind making quantum leaps forward. Times when North becomes South… and East – West; a paradigm shift in all that we have known. Either through invention or innovations an idea occurs that permanently changes the fabric of our world: electricity, air-conditioning, and indoor plumbing – in the weed world the list of innovations would look something like this: the development or discovery of the Hindu Kush strain, grinders, glass bongs and more recently the portable concentrate vaporizing pens like the “G Pen”.

As we sit perched… poised at the edge of time, staring into the abyss of December 22nd, and the projected Apocalypse; the fast-growing medical marijuana movement has made quantum leaps forward in their constant quest for extracting the best cannabinoids, from the finest flowers… all while making the dopest modern-day hash you have ever seen.

As the new school toolkit in for the modern-day Stoner has received a bit of a makeover lately, I hardly think Cheech or Chong would recognize today’s tools. Out… is the paraphernalia of old days – in are the new. Throw out your rolling papers and put down the hookah. Today’s Stoner is going to be cart’n around ‘Map gas’ blowtorches and other intimidating looking tools… which appear as though they should be in a dentist’s office, or ‘B’ grade horror movie. While I’m sure that every Stoner over the age of 19 – is quite clear on the reference of 420, I’m equally assure that most of the old schoolers have no clue as to the reference of 710. When turned upside down… 710 becomes OIL.

As I’m sure most remember back in the day, you essentially had two different choices if you wanted to get high: the Bud or hash — that was it. If you wanted to smoke Bud, that was pretty simple – everyone understood what needed to be accomplished. However hash was still a bit of a mystery. There were a couple of different ways back in the day that someone could make their hash. More often than not, it was accomplished by shaking the trichomes loose from the marijuana plant matter. Either icewater, pounding, tumbling, or rubbing was the most common ways of removing the trichomes and collecting the residue. This newly captured residue would then be tightly compressed and mixed with some type of oil (more often than not from the human hand) and is then pressed into small bricks, blocks or balls; often referred to as hash balls.

Now in the 21st century we have a slightly updated technology for removing the trichomes from the flower of the marijuana plant. This new technique known as extraction, or “blowing” is also great for retaining all of the terpenes that have recently been found to have monumental health benefits. The new technique primarily deploys a highly pressurized solvent or gas… For example nitrogen, oxygen or as I have seen most commonly used 7 x refined butane. The solvent or gas is then blown over the marijuana contained inside of a tube (glass, aluminum, PVC). The resulting liquid is then captured in glass Pyrex and allowed to evaporate. The gooey substance is then scraped up and put into a purge chamber. Once properly purged of any leftover solvent, today’s marijuana patient  – is left with what is known as butane honey oil.

I’ve got news for the old school stoners. The BHO crowd are coming up fast, and taking over many of the collectives shelves – with high-grade, mind blowing concentrates. The likes of “Hard-core OG“, and Paris are quickly becoming the smoke of choice for many medical marijuana aficionados across this great medicated country.