Phoenix Area Medical Marijuana Farmers Market…

Things in West Valley … have gone from the surreal, to the sublime. In this suburban offshoot of the greater Phoenix area, where the heat of the sun can affect a person’s common sense, case and point – Arizona attorney general Tom Horne along with Maricopa County attorney Bill Montgomery, seemed to be more than a little upset over the voter approved medical marijuana act that passed back in November 2010.

As such they have been fighting its implementation on the basis that federal law supersedes state law. Thereby giving a clear venue for the state to prosecute the state approved medical marijuana collectives. Should they choose to do so?

Yet – when one looks at Arizona’s immigration policy, where the same set of combatants; the state versus the Feds… Arizona claims 10th amendment rights, so that they can perpetuate their hate-based bigotry. So it’s okay for the state to violate federal law… So long as it’s on a topic that Arizona Atty. Gen. Tom Horne approves of… and medical marijuana is not one of those topics.

As the folks of this sprawling, middle-class, Arizona community sent a strong and palpable message to the state’s politicians that their voice and vote is the law of the land, regardless of how vile and repugnant Arizona’s politicians may view it.

In accordance with Arizona’s medical marijuana patients exercising their newfound freedoms. The bedroom community of West Valley, on the outskirts Phoenix enjoyed a Sunday afternoon at their local pot farmers market. Available at this marijuana themed farmers market, was everything from rare marijuana seed strains, to full blown and rooted clones, in addition to many edibles of varying design.

As most legal, card carrying, state approved marijuana patients in Arizona are still more than a little confused, as to the drawn-out process regarding their health  – and access to their medical marijuana. This event was seen as a godsend to the local Medical Marijuana Community. Providing both useful and truthful information as to Arizona’s current status as an MMJ state.

Sunday’s “medical marijuana farmers market” was hosted by a well-known hydroponic cultivation store dubbed the “Walmart of weed”. The purpose of the farmers market was to provide a means of sharing information within Arizona’s marijuana community, providing vital information to those Arizona medical marijuana patients that have been left in the dark.

It was just a few short weeks ago that Arizona had finally begun the process of awarding medical marijuana dispensary licenses within the state, despite the law’s passage more than two years ago. Thus far, the “not so” great state of Arizona has approved more than 100 marijuana collectives, by providing them licensing to operate. Despite the fact that these collectives have been granted state licensing the threats of crushing lawsuits from Arizona’s attorney general has kept these voter approved medicinal collectives from actually opening their doors for operation.