The Game Apple Didn’t Want You To Play

As our high-tech world keeps us in touch – in addition to entertained and informed; More and more companies are attempting to launch their own apps on Apple’s iPhone as well as other mobile devices. Some apps are geared towards being helpful, while others are just meant to be fun.

Despite the fact that Steve Jobs was a stoner of some notable proportion, his company Apple, has been the one forbidding you from biting of the sacred fruit of WeedMaps new game BUDTRIMMER!

In Latin, the words for “apple” and “evil” are similar. M?lum is the word for “apple;” m?lum is also the word for “an evil or a misfortune.” Not shocking. It would certainly appear as though this Apple was evil. At least if you happen to like playing games that are based trimming the dank, killer green buds that are produced by today’s marijuana strains. Last December the developers at WeedMaps had just completed their first prototype of Bud trimmer. High on their achievement (and perhaps something else) the geeks in the IT development dept. submitted the game for review to Apple’s developer website. Within 48 hours a response from Apple that read something to the effect of – ‘are you insane, we are not publishing a marijuana game.’ As is true with many other issues within the marijuana cultivation culture, if you can’t go through the front door… Just look for the back one.

As such WeedMaps is proud present Bud Trimmer: a kushy new action game filled with sparkly, crunchy and satisfying nugs of everyone’s favorite plant — cannabis sativa! Become the ultimate Bud Trimmer by cutting through leafy dense buds of God’s Gift, OG Kush and more! Compete with your friends to earn the most amount of Kush Kash to obtain fun and powerful in-game unlocks.

Swipe your finger across the screen to delectably slash and trim leafy nugs like a true Bud Trimmer champion. But be careful of Spider-Mite Infested Bud – those little suckers are nasty and will put an early end to an afternoon trimming bud.

Bud Trimmer features two game modes — Timed & Arcade, with features, power-ups and secret Easter eggs being added all the time. It also features awesome global leader boards and achievements to unlock!

Bud Trimmer is the leafiest, greenest game ever conceived so what are you waiting for? Roll up a fat doobie and let’s do this!

“Absolutely more fun and less straining on your wrist than the real thing.”

- Real Emerald Triangle Bud Trimmer

“The only thing I like more than smoking well-trimmed bud is slashing them digitally on my Android!” – Tang, Strain Reviewer

“Bud Trimmer is a great way to kill time while I’m waiting for my real buds to cure!” – Gil, Strain Reviewer

“This game is ridiculous! Best Android phone game in a while” – Dustin Boles

BudTrimmer is fun, free and highly addictive. Download BudTrimmer for your Android today, and play the game Apple didn’t want you to have! Coming soon to

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